The following are IRIS’ 2022 funded pilot
project partners

Are You Seeing Clearly? Refocus, Look Again: Anti-Stigma Training Pilot for Maryland’s OUD Treatment Community (Round 2)

Project Contact: Jennifer Brown & Katie Rouse
Refocus: Look Again logo on gray background

Assessment of Correctional Center Educational Needs to Promote Treatment with Medications for Opioid Use Disorder

Project Contacts: Annabelle Belcher, PhD
Accept MOUD

Project Contact: Doris Titus-Glover, PhD, MSN

Data Integration

Project Contacts: Jennifer Tuerke
Voices of Hope team standing outside smiling infront of table

Harm Reduction Kiosk Proof of Concept

Project Contact: Patrecia Williams, PhD
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Investigation of Off-Label Uses for Opioid Use Disorder Treatments

Project Contact: Deanna Dunn, PharmD
MEDPEAL logo of clam shell with pearl in center

MBHS OUD Timely Access Research Projects

Project Contact: Shannon Hall, JD
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Social Work Assistance and Stipends for Housing (SASH): Improving Outcomes for Homeless Patients Receiving Methadone for Opioid Use Disorder

Project Contact: Max Spaderna, MD
Division of Addiction Research and Treatment