The Leadership Committee is made up of community partners who provide direct services in the OUD treatment and recovery field. The LC contributes to important program decisions, ensuring that IRIS is guided by its aims, and meeting the needs of the recovery support service community.

Deborah Agus

Executive Director

Dimitri Cavathas


Dr. Jodi J. Frey

Co-Investigator, Faculty

Jon Gilgoff

Clinical Research Specialist, PhD Student

Lisa Hanks

Clinical Director

Dr. Tom Kimball

Clinical Director

Gabby Knighton

Executive Director

Dr. Jessica Magidson

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nicole Mattocks

Project Director, Faculty

Chris McCabe

Executive Director

Tyrell Moyd

Education & Wellness Coordinator, Principal Facilitator

Dr. Daniel Mullins

Chair, Pharmaceutical Health Services Research

Eunsong Park

Graduate Research Assistant

Julvette Price

Consumer Inclusion Coordinator

Andrew Reinel

Outreach Coordinator

Tiffinee Scott


Erika Shook

Public Relations Specialist

Dr. Michelle Tuten

Principal Investigator, Faculty

Dr. Jay Unick

Principal Investigator, Faculty

Dr. Fernando Wagner

Co-Investigator, Faculty

Vickie Walters

Executive Director, REACH Health Services

Dr. Eric Weintraub

Professor of Psychiatry; Division Head, Alcohol & Drug Abuse; Acting Division Head, Adult Psychiatry

Dr. Christopher Welsh

Medical Director, UMMC Substance Abuse Consultation Service Medical Director, UMMC Outpatient Addiction