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A 10-month learning community to build research skills towards greater peer workforce integration into the opioid recovery support system. Fellows represent diverse recovery roles: peers, peer supervisors, clinicians, trainers, advocates, other agency staff, graduate students, and staff researchers.  

Fellows meet once a month at University of Maryland, Baltimore between September 2022 - June 2023 to achieve these outcomes:

  • Develop a network with which to collaborate, including through participatory research 

  • Use research to uplift benefits of peer services towards greater workforce integration  

  • Gain deeper understanding of research processes and practices        

  • Use agency data to enhance program management, evaluation, and fundraising 

  • Apply research to improve not just peer services, but all recovery supports 

  • Develop and share findings from research towards community education and advocacy  

Learn more about the IRIS Fellowship by downloading the "Program Summary."

2022-2023 IRIS Fellows

Have ideas for the Fellowship or want to partner?

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