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MBHS RSS Data Modernization Research Project

Project Lead: Shannon Hall, JD

In order to help guide quality improvement initiatives, we need good data on SUD/OUD recovery support services. Maryland Behavioral Health Solutions (MBHS) is a provider network composed of behavioral health providers with the singular goal of improving quality and access to care and launching quality improvement initiatives to maximize the capacity of the network.


IRIS funded RSS Data Modernization Research Project is leveraging data analytics via its multi-provider data warehouse to gain immediate insights that can inform quality improvement initiatives.

As a result of our survey among providers in the network it was revealed that there were many challenges with leveraging RSS information so far - but this is something MBHS can tackle! We've already begun analyzing available insights from the multi-provider database warehouse which will provide us prevalence rates for SUD and co-occurring conditions as well as an estimate about how often emergency department visits happen for these individuals. At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure that people receive quality services that are person-centered, evidence-based, and support their recovery journey.

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