The following are IRIS’ 2021 funded pilot
project partners

Are You Seeing Clearly? Refocus, Look Again: Anti-Stigma Training Pilot for Maryland’s OUD Treatment Community

Project Contact: Jennifer Brown
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COMET: Enhancing Care for People Who Inject Opioids Through a Meaningful Health Evaluation Tool

Project Contacts: Sarah Kattakuzhy, MD &
Sarah Schmalzle, MD
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Project Contact: Doris Titus-Glover, PhD, MSN

Creating an Evidence Base for Stages of Change Model of Engagement and
Recovery Supports

Project Contact: Jennifer Tuerke
Voices of Hope team smiling outside van

Exploring Perceptions of Family Functioning and the Role of Psychosocial Support and Social Determinants of Health in Treatment Retention Among Recovering Parents with Opioid Use Disorders

Project Contact: Doris Titus-Glover
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Exploring the Relationship Between the Reverse the Cycle Model and Staff Attitudes Towards Patients with Opioid Use Disorder
(A Pilot Study)

Project Contact: Howard H. Goldman, MD, PhD
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MBHS RSS Data Modernization Research Project

Project Contact: Shannon Hall, JD
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Measuring Early Recovery in Street Outreach

Project Contact: Gabby Knighton
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Peers that Count (PTC): A Peer Recovery Census to Determine How Many Are We, What Do We Contribute, and What Do We Need?

Project Contact: Tiffinee Scott
Maryland Peer Advisory Council Logo
Project Contact: Kim Wireman, LCSW-C, LCADC, President & CEO of PRC
PRC Specialists smiling outside in group

Potential Role of Online Skills Preparation for Employment in Recovery
(PROSPER/Online Skills)

A Qualitative Examination of the Peer Emergency Department “Reverse the Cycle” Program: Understanding How it Changes Hearts and Minds

Project Contact: Laura B. Monico, PhD
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Supporting the Wellness and Recovery of People Receiving Medication Treatment at Baltimore County Detention Center: A Qualitative Study

Project Contact: Brook Kearley, PhD
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Understanding the Ways that Chronic Pain, Depression Symptoms, and Resilience Affect Retention in and Adherence to Medications for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

Project Contact: Melanie Bennett, PhD
Clinical team at the UMATC on Overdose Awareness Day