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Investigation of Off-Label Uses for Opioid Use Disorder Treatments

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Project Contact: Deanna Dunn, Pharm D

As illicit opioids of addiction increase in potency, the few available prescribed drugs used for opioid use disorders management have had to evolve in their initiation practices to accommodate different withdrawal experiences of the stronger illicit supply. This study, Investigation of Off-Label Uses for Opioid Use Disorder Treatments, conducted by MEDPEARL LLC, in collaboration with IRIS as well as harm reduction and buprenorphine prescribers, aims to compile these developing off-label uses. The results will provide guidance materials for practitioners about newer discoveries in working initiation processes for medications for opioid use disorders with an end goal to increase treatment efficacy. With this information, buprenorphine prescribers can be more effective in the initiation period to promote successful long-term outcomes with patients seeking medications for opioid use disorder treatment. If patients have a poor experience with initial treatment they may not try again in their recovery journey. By being more effective in the initial treatment therapies, the physicians treating opioid use disorders can hope for more effective long-term results in successful treatment.

The researcher will conduct surveys and interviews with X-waivered prescribers to discover techniques being used to promote success in transitioning patients to medications for opioid use disorders. This initiation practice is informally known as the micro-dosing method. MEDPEARL LLC will pay $25 per referral for connections to prescribers available for interview who are known to be conducting micro-dosing initiation of buprenorphine products. For more information or details, contact Deanna Dunn, PharmD at

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