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Using Data to Evaluate, Develop & Improve Programs

Presented by Drs. Nicole Mattocks and Jay Unick, IRIS

How do you know if the services your agency provides are effective?

Do you know how your program is being received by clients? 

In this webinar, viewers will be introduced to some of the core concepts of program evaluation and provide the tools to help viewers measure what matters for their organization. Build comfort around concepts and practice of developing research aims, outcome measurement, data collection, analysis, and presentation of findings for those without a research background. Use a familiar tool, a logic model, to get viewers organized and thinking about their program in terms of outcomes and impact.

This webinar will also provide helpful tips for organizing the data that viewers have, and demonstrate how to use a free, open source statistical software program to conduct basic statistical analyses.

The live training is part of the 3-part series. The interactive session allowed participants to apply the material to their own practice, engage in discussion and receive feedback from the facilitators.

Webinar 1

Webinar 2

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