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The Art & Science of Managing Conflicts Within Opioid Support Service Delivery 

Facilitated by Tyrell D. Moyd of 3c Recovery Support Training Institute 

& Vaile Leonard of Light of Truth Center

These two webinars together serve as an introduction to conflict - what it is, how it comes about, why it can be beneficial, and how to use practical conflict resolution strategies when managing disagreements so they turn out positively. The webinars offer de-escalation techniques to help ensure that conflicts that arise during service delivery don't become unhealthy. The content is geared towards peer recovery specialists and other behavioral health care providers of opioid recovery support services. View the webinars to learn the science of conflict, along with artful techniques for detecting and managing it.       

The Art & Science of Managing Conflicts Within Opioid Support Service Delivery 

Webinar 1

What is conflict, how does it come about, and what are styles and strategies to manage it effectively?  


  1.  To define what conflict is and how it may come about 

  2.  To explore how conflict can be a productive part of life and relationship building  

  3.  To examine the types of conflicts and styles used to manage them, focusing on those that most often lead to productive resolution 

  4.  To identify how values and culture may influence conflicts and how to integrate this understanding into effective conflict resolution  

Webinar 2

Using conflict management processes to de-escalate and resolve issues


  1.  To build strategies for dealing with conflict positively

  2. To learn how our bodies and minds manage conflict

  3. To describe de-escalation techniques, including how to assist upset people

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